Walk to End Hunger


The 2019 Briarfest Walk to End Hunger is two parts:

  • A food drive that goes through Sept. 6.

  • The Walk to End Hunger, on Sept. 7.


The Briarfest Walk to End Hunger benefits Mercy’s Gate, a nonprofit agency that serves the physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of people who live in NE Colorado Springs. Back-to-school time is the time of year when the need for food is near its greatest.

Churches in and around Briargate have been invited to participate in the Briarfest Walk to End Hunger.
It’s an ecumenical project inspired by Briarfest’s motto: Unity in Community.

Whether or not you belong to a church participating in the food drive, you are invited to bring a food donation and join the Walk to End Hunger.


Bring the kids!  Bring the wagon!  Bring the dog! 


  • The walk begins at the Briarfest location at 9 a.m. 
  • We’ll walk the 1.4 miles to King Soopers at Briargate Parkway and Union Boulevard.
  • We will be met by Mercy’s Gate representatives to formally receive our collective donation. 
  • Then we’ll walk back to Briarfest -- a sign visible to all of Briargate of service to our neighbors.


There’s no cost to participate. Sign up below as a church, or as an individual.




Walk for End Hunger Contact - Kathy Thomas