Beer Tent & Wine Tasting


Uncork the Fun!

For our fifth year, Briarfest 2018 invites you to another celebration and tasting of fine wines hosted by Hope Spirits and sponsored by Realtor, Jeanne Guischard of the elite team (RE/MAX).

Building on lessons learned over the past four years, we will offer two different and distinct wine tastings.

Hours of the Wine tastings

Friday 7:00 PM  and  Saturday 6:30 PM.

We will be tasting 8 wines on Friday and Saturday.  Friday's wines will be premium wines.


Parish Sanctuary Overflow


Friday: $25 and Saturday:  $20.00

Each price includes a commemorative wine glass and plate of snacks (cheese, crackers, grapes, etc.)

Wine Tasting Pre-Registration


FRIDAY and SATURDAY Wine Tastings are SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT - FRI 7:00pm Tickets - SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT - SAT 6:30pm Tickets - SOLD OUT


Friday Wine Tasting
Decoy Sauvignon Blanc
Heinz Eifel Auslese
The Snitch Chardonnay
Elk Cove Pinot Noir
Saldo Zinfandel
Educated Guess Merlot
Halter Ranch Synthesis
Austin Hope Cabernet

Saturday Wine Tasting
Pike Road PG
Essay Chenin Blanc
Fabre Rose
Mossback Pinot Noir
Vinum Petite Sirah
Black Station Malbec
Peachy Canyon Incredible Red
Decoy Cabernet



For our fifth year, Briarfest 2018 invites you to the BEER TENT sponsored by V3GATE and ROWAN Integration, which will feature top-rated beers and domestic favorites. We will also have 4 great wines available for purchase in the beer tent. We will be selling domestic beer (Miller Lite and Coors Light) and wine for $6.00 in the beer tent, and $7.00 for craft beers.


Coors Light

Miller Lite

Leinie Oktoberfest

Colorado Native

Lagunitas IPA

Blue Moon


Angeline Sauvignon Blanc

Pike Road Pinot Gris

Black Ink Red

Mercer Cabernet




Join your friends and make new ones!